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Your dream body is calling

Have you been wanting to achieve your goals and maintain your results?

Listen sis, I know how mentally draining it can be to work towards your goals, achieve them to just lose the results a month later. Your busy schedule gets in the way okay boss lady!, and you aren't too sure what actually works for your body. What do I eat? How much do I eat? Do I need cardio or weight training? How in the hell are you supposed to know all the answers? How do you figure out how to have sustainable results to stay  #flyAF without breaking the bank?

I'm tired, your tired, we are all tired

Of having to figure all of this shit out. It's exhausting!!! Not all of us can afford a personal trainer, and most of the time we still don't know how to maintain our results once we are done working with our trainer. How freaking crazy is that?

You are now at the point where you are close to giving up. Hiring a professional might be nerve-racking, your gym membership isn't being used, and the Youtube videos are jus not cutting it anymore. 

You are at the point where you just need a simple program that will give you the steps to successfully attain your goals.
You are literally only a few decisions away from achieving your Dream Body! 



The Mind Behind The Dream Body Guide


I was so excited when I had the idea for the Dream Body Guide. I felt like it was my calling. Let me tell you, before I became a personal trainer, I have had multiple trainers! I would always have the most amazing glow up. Like girl I was snatched, like Coca-Cola bottle fine! The only issue was once I was done training with them, I had no idea how to maintain my results. I had everything handed to me so I just had to show up.


I created the Dream Body Guide to eliminate that middleman. No more middleman! I want you to be able to work through the program and as you do that create the right habits that will allow you to create sustainable results!

The Dream Body Guide is super special to me because it holds all the information that all women need to sustainably get themselves to the next level in their fitness journey. By incorporating a full nutrition guide, workouts, and mindset training, you are able to level up properly.


I teach you how to say bye to that middleman and love the process!

  • Struggling to achieve your goals?

  • Not able to be consistent?

  • Never had a proper meal guide?

  • Never worked with a trainer or worked with a trainer and still not able to maintain your results?

  • Lack nutritional knowledge?

  • Shitty mental barriers that stop you from achieving your goals?

  • Not too sure how to properly exercise?

  • A boss babe that has the tools to achieve her goals on her own!

  • Consistent to the max!

  • Understands nutrition like its her job!

  • Able to manifest all of her fitness goals (here for it)

  • Has workouts that are easy to follow and that leads to long lasting results! 

  • Got rid of the middleman because she now knows what works for her. Period

  • Receives support from me and other likeminded women!

If you answered yes to any of the questions, than The Dream Body Guide is defiantly for you sis.

White, Green And Pink Instagram Post Pro
White, Green And Pink Instagram Post Pro
White, Green And Pink Instagram Post Pro
White, Green And Pink Instagram Post Pro


What's included in The DBG.

Let me spill the tea!

The Fitness Hub

Get access to my private Facebook community. You will be surrounded by likeminded women who are freaking bosses! This is a safe space that has been created to help you feel comfortable with expressing your journey, to ask questions and to learn!

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You get access to workbooks that are going to help you change your mindset towards yourself, and your fitness goals. The workbooks have been designed to help break those mental barriers that have stopped you in the past from achieving and maintaining your goals and results.


Aren't you tired of guessing what you should and shouldn't eat? How much you should eat? And all of those other questions and a bag of chips? You now get a full nutrition guide that takes you on a journey. You will learn how to calculate your calories, how to break down your food groups,  how much to eat, how to maintain your nutrition, and even how to do effective grocery shopping. You will be able to level up your nutrition knowledge with a full comprehensive nutrition guide and a full grocery shopping list that includes the calories per food item. You also get meal plans that range from 1,800 calories to 3,000 calories. There is no more second guessing. We are eliminating any second guesses that you may have towards food!



At the beginning of your transition, it can be hard to come up with your own workouts. That is why I provide you with 6 weeks of follow-along full body workout videos that you can use. You also get access to additional HIIT videos, plus cardio recommendations to ensure you are able to achieve your goals and maintain your results. 


You get 1 month access to my most intense, interactive, and fun virtual classes ever! I want to make sure that you are able to maintain those results. Get ready to shed more of that unwanted fat with my virtual classes!

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ONLY $198

As a women it can be tough to understand what works for your body. We go on social media and see all these women that we consider to be the beauty standard. I was there, I struggled to appreciate my body and to love my body as is. Now this doesn't mean that we can't work on our body, but I want you to separate the idea of exercise for mainly appearance and for a deeper meaning. Girl if you are just focused on appearance, BBLs are cheap in Brazil sis! We are no longer eating less to become skinny, not getting the nutrients we need. We are no longer in a funky mood to work out. We are no longer depending on a personal trainer to get us the results!

Lets be real, achieving your goals can be hard, especially if you do not have the proper tools to do so. I am going to give you all the tools that you will need to ensure that you are not taking the easy route and taking the route that will be maintainable and sustainable. 

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$ 2,000

one time payment


two payments


four payments

a schedule that's easy to follow.
Schedule Breakdown

The first week of the DBG is so crucial because we will be using this week to set the tone for the rest of the program. You will have mindset training to do to ensure you are in the right state to crush your goals! You will also take the first week to plan out your meals, set your goals, and prepare yourself to knock your goals out of the park. This is where the magic happens!


The last six weeks are super fun! You will be diving into your meal plan and workouts! You will be expected to track your progress in your journal and to continue your workbooks! 

WEEK 2 - 7
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